Sunday, March 8, 2009

Make Money While You Unemployed

How To Make Money While Unemployed

If you are someone who has recently been unemployed or has been on unemployment for some time now, then you know how frustrating it can be to find a reliable job. In fact, you probably know first hand that getting a decent job during these hard times is near impossible.
Want to know a little secret though? You've been looking for opportunities in all the wrong places. It is possible for you to make a very good salary doing some that you enjoy. How? By making money online.

Earn A Great Salary By Making A Living Online

There is tons of opportunity on the internet and getting started with earning cash online is now easier than ever. This is because there are tons of resources on the internet which allow you to easily leverage the work of others in order to reap in huge profits.

Honestly, making money through the internet is literally as easy as identifying an interest that you have and then finding a potential market which shares that same interest. Once you are able to finding something that you have a passionate interest for then you will be absolutely set to make some niche cash online.

Use A Solid System To Get The Most Out Of The Internet

The only downside to making money through the use of the internet is that there is a ton of stuff to learn initially. So much so that you will most likely be overwhelmed if you aren't quite sure where to get started or how to get started for that matter. That is why is is very important to find a solid and proven system for making cash online using legitimate means.
Earning money on the internet will require you to essentially construct your own business model. This can be very difficult if you are just starting out as there is a ton of crap information out there.

Do you want to know a little secret when it comes to making money online and working from home? If you truly want to earn money then you need to have access to an honest "make money online" guide. Guess what? I've gone through all of the guides for making money online and I've analyzed each and everyone to see if they really offer value. Do you want to know what I found? There was only one guide that offered a genuine way to make money online with no experience at all.

I have literally done all of the hard work for you. I've tested what works and what doesn't so that you don't have to. If you want to take advantage of my hard work then click the link below to read my review of the very best "make money online" product out there. You do want to make money online, right?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tips to Create a Blog For Profit

Why should you start just a blog when you can create a blog and profit from it? Simple question, isn't it? And yet one that so many fail to answer correctly.

In fact most of the recent surveys show that nearly 50% of the people who start to blog in hopes to generate income either as additional cash flow or as full time fail to pass the $100 mark and eventually quit. Over 93% of the new blogs will fail according to one source but you know it will not be you!

And the goal of this article is to share 3 tips that will help you overcome the odds and don't become part of the sad statistic!

Tip 1: Design Blog To Demand Action
Lack of clearly defined call for action responsible in huge part for the bloggers failure or what is even infinitely worth - too many options. You need to clearly identify what is The One Thing you want you visitors to do and present it in prominent location. Don't overload your blog with affiliate banners and multiple widgets but clearly present One Action Path you want them to take.

Tip 2: Integrate Functionality To Ensure Your Success
While most of the blogs have enough functionality to publish on the web - they fail to deliver that last punch that tells your visitor "this blog must be bookmarked". It is ability to retain your visitors and turn them into repeat customers that will turn a published page into income producing artwork! You can add that functionality using small pieces of code called plugins.

Tip 3: Force Monetization Without Annoying Visitors
I know this might sounds like a contradiction to previous statement on defining an action path and driving your visitors to that action but you have to ensure that its not overbearing. Remember that people visit your blog in search for answer to their problem and solution to their needs. They will be willing to take the action path you present as long as it doesn't interfere with them getting their answer first. Satisfy the curiosity and need of your market first and then you can expect the reward from grateful readers.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Bookeeping (also know as apiculture) is a great way to generate honey for the family, but once you're into it, you will find that it can also be a lucrative money maker. With health issues becoming more important to people these days, honey is often used as a substitute for sugar-based foods. The by-products of beekeeping - wax and other bee products - are also such useful items, that they're easily saleable, turning your beekeeping hobby into a full-time business.

Having some land or open space for you to carry out your beekeeping business is great but it is not a critical requirement to being a successful (and profitable) bookeeper. Hives can be kept in a small garden or on a townhouse roof, but before you do anything though, you will want to consider getting in touch with your local business development authorities and enquire about the licensing and permits required. Some local authorities forbid the practice, while others positively encourage bees for their enormous benefits to the community. Neighbours are also an issue.
Take all necessary precautions to avoid any untoward incidences or reaction from your neighbours. Bees need to be kept in areas with plenty of nectar-producing plants, like clover and other meadow flowers. The best place is close to where oilseed rape is grown. This is a particular favourite of bees who will travel up to four miles to collect the nectar. Rape nectar produces high yields of honey and one can produce 300 pounds of honey in a single season. Without rape, 30 - 40 pounds is more realistic.
It's important to learn the basics of beekeeping first. You can do this by learning from experienced beekeepers and from books. There are also video tutorials that give you a basic run-down of what you need to do to get started. If you are anywhere near a beekeeper society, they're really wonderful to join, learn and get tips from experienced beekeepers. A minimum of equipment is needed for operating one or two hives. You'll need bees, of course, as well as a hive, a hive tool for opening and inspecting the hive, some form of protective clothing for you, and a smoke box. Smoke has a calming effect on bees and a light puff of smoke at the entrance hole calms the bees and makes inspecting easier. Most equipment can be purchased inexpensively, even second-hand, through specialist suppliers listed later and via most local beekeeping associations.
Beekeeping means managing the hive in a way that maximises honey production. It also involves knowing and understanding your little buzzy friends, what they need, and what intervention (if any) that they will and will not tolerate from you. Like keeping any other animal, beekeeping requires regular care, maintenace, skill, time and knowledge coupled with patience gained from experience. Beekeeping isn't a business that you can rush. It's good to remember that bees are wild creatures, not domesticated animals. Bees may work for man and may even work with man, but they don't need humans. They will only remain in a hive while it suits them. A beekeeper's role is to make sure that the hive suits them! As such, you will need to inspect the hive regularly to make sure all is well. "Well" means that the queen is laying, the worker bees are busy collecting nectar and pollen and that there are not signs of distress among the bees.
Honey can be sold direct to consumers or through shops, supermarkets, markets, even at craft and country fairs. You could even set up a website to sell your honey, shipping them out to your customers as soon as they make payment online. You can promote your honey by participating in food events, cooking demonstrations and even donating your honey for charitable events.
Money can also be made from other bee products like propolis, pollen, royal jelly and beeswax. There are a wide range of books that can teach you how. Even the wax and damaged combs shouldn't be discarded. These can be melted down and reused in your own hive or sold to people who use wax to manufacture foundation cream, polishes, cosmetics, candles and ornamental plaques. So as you can see, beekeeping is an activity that not only helps the environment, but also keeps you buzzing with money!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Develope Money Making

Everyone wants to make money. The question, however, is how do we make money? Here are some pointers that could help you come up with money-making ideas that will bring you personal and financial success

It isn't the billions of ideas, that pop up in the minds of humans around the globe that make money. Very few ideas are worth the time it took for the thought. Most ideas are fleeting "sparks" that go no place and are forgotten before the next day. Of the ideas that are good, very few are followed up and ever end up as a worthwhile development in the market place. Most people are just not oriented to do anything about their ideas, while others believe it would take too much of their time and money to follow through to completion. This leaves the market place wide open for the person who learns how to "Create" Profitable Ideas!

  1. There are three major formats you can use to create profitable idea:
  2. Find something that already exists, the presence of which has never been known before.
  3. Invent something. Most inventions are merely new arrangements of things that have already been invented.
  4. Alter or improve in any number of different ways something that already exists.

As you "Create" ideas, write them down. What you dream up can be your key to great wealth. Keep your mind "open" as you go through each day. What did you notice in the department store that would reduce costs, save money or increase sales if some simple procedure were added or something changed?

Ideas for improvements are one of the most valuable things you can contribute to society and at the same time add to your bank account. To create ideas for improvements, consider every possibility and alternative for the thing you want to improve.
Learn to create ideas by evaluating all the different aspects of the product, method or concept you are interested in. Put your imagination and subconscious to work and write down your thoughts pertaining to each of the things you expect to improve. Use the New Wealth, "Idea Format" that follows as your guide for creating Money-Making improvements.

Idea Format:

List the things you want to improve:
- Why should it be improved?
- Who will benefit from the improvement?
- What is wrong with it at the present time?
- Did someone else cause a problem with it?
- How do you propose to improve it?
- Do you have the facilities to do the work required?
- Do you have the know-how to do the work required to improve it?
- Exactly what part needs to be improved?
- Should it be smaller? Larger?
- Should the color be different?
- Would more activity help make it better?
- Could it be combined with something else to make it more practical?
- Would a different basic material work better?
- Is it too complicated, could it be simplified?
- Would a substitute be more meaningful?
- Is it priced too high?
- Would a change in personnel help the situation?
- Can the shape be changed to advantage?
- Can a new marketing plan make the difference?
- Is it safe?
- Can it be mass produced to bring the unit cost down?
- Should the appearance be changed... streamlined?
- Is there an adequate guarantee?
- What can make it appeal to a bigger audience?
- Would new packaging or trade name enhance it?
- Can it be made heavier, lighter, higher or lower?
- Can it be franchised?
- Is there a good maintenance program to back it up?
- Can financing be simplified?
- List ways to increase production:
- List ways to increase sales:
- List ways to reduce costs:
- List ways to increase efficiency:
- List ways to improve quality and increase profits!
- What can be done with it to satisfy more people?

This New Wealth "Idea Format" will start the ideas "sparking" and as related ideas come to mind write them down in every variation you can think of. Do not judge the good or bad points of the ideas as they materialize to you, just write them down and judge them afterwards. You will stop the flow of ideas if you are critical of your thoughts before you put them on paper. When you have answered everything you can about the product or concept and know how it fits in with your plans, sit down and evaluate all the details you have written.

After you have found (created) a good idea, follow it up with questions on what should be your next move in order to do something about it, then act! Get it moving. Expose it to the world with sufficient tests to determine the value!

Come up with ideas that are still in the processing stage rather than get stuck on several vague points that may be worked out later as your subconscious goes to work. If your idea fails, so what; you are just that much closer to finalizing another one, then another... until a useful more valuable idea is born. Every manufacturing plant, retailer, attorney, accountant; every business person, large or small, cannot continue to operate in the competitive world of today without someone in the organization constantly coming up with new and better ideas!
Old ideas drop by the wayside as new ideas take their place. Old companies without new ideas fade away.

Those who learn and know how to create ideas and anticipate the changes needed, as the future evolves, have the opportunity to be a great success with big money-making potential!
Another "tool" you can use to help dream up that million idea, is to spend several minutes each evening, relaxed with your eyes closed. Pick any object that comes to mind and try to change it in your "mind's eye". Change it in every manner you can think of to improve it.
The following evening pick another subject or object and repeat the process. Soon you will be using 20% of your brain power instead of the 10% normally used by the average person. As your knowledge and "brain power" increase so will your bank account.

Just think what we could accomplish if we could get the other 80% of our brain power working? On second thought, let's not try to get 100% efficiency out of your human computer . . . we would probably blow up the world for sure.

Protecting Your Idea

When you have come up with a good idea, write a full description of it and make a sketch if necessary. Place the written information, the sketch and any other pertinent facts or documents in an envelope addressed to yourself. Have the post office seal the envelope with a date stamp over the flap, then send it to yourself by registered mail. Keep the envelope, unopened, in the event you need to prove ownership. Of course if your product has a properly registered trade mark, has been copyrighted, or you have a U.S. patent you are protected from infringement.

A Few Idea "Sparks" !

When you come up with an idea, program or product that is so superior in style or performance that it is unbelievable you may need a notarized statement to assure your customer you are offering an honest deal.

Make a habit of examining each piece of correspondence you receive, taking care of it right at the time, do what is necessary right then. Never put it aside to be handled a second time if it all practical. This can save more time than anything else for an executive who handles a large amount of correspondence and mail. You can also save many more hours each week by doing several of the most important things that need to be done each day before you take up other, time consuming important details.

Another good way to "spark" ideas is to go through the classified and want ads in the newspaper ... Also the yellow pages of your telephone directory. As you read, think of something that would be of value to the company or person, or enhance the item you are reading about.
In summary, learn to develop ideas from observing everyday things and details. Think of what could make something better. Dwell on things that have a large marketing audience, something that everyone needs and wants. Write your ideas down. Put a pencil and pad at your night stand. When you remember a good dream... don't just lay there, by morning you will forget it... Jot it down on the pad. You will be surprised what you can dream up! Maybe the million dollar idea will magically appear on your pad tomorrow morning!

Finance Strategy

At Strategy, our service is asset management. Expert advisors partner with you to meet your financial needs. Whether you want to build wealth for retirement, protect existing investment assets, generate income from your investments, provide an inheritance, or redistribute resources because of major life changes, Strategy works for you.

As you help us understand your goals, we will design a personalized allocation to help you reach your objectives.

The market conditions of the past few years are unprecedented. Changing conditions require new tools and new thinking. No single investor or professional trader can stay on top of everything. That is why Strategy provides a team of experts working on your behalf. We understand that a strategy that worked two years ago may not be the best today.

We do the work, so you can focus on what is more important to you.
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